Nursing Foundation Laboratory

Nursing Foundation Laboratory is located on the fifth floor of college building with 124.43 Sq.m (1339.35) areas. The lab is equpped with different types of mannequins, simulator and essential articles required to teach the students to learn the basic and advanced nursing procedures before actully practicing on the patients in the hospital.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Laboratory has an area of 83.36 Sq. m (897.28 Sq.ft). It is housed on the sixth floor of nursing college. The lab has LPG connections, cooking utensils, crockeries, cutleries, storage cupboards, refrigerator to store perishable items and visual display boards. The students utilize the lab to prepare therapeutic diets for various health conditions. They also learn to prepare food by using different methods of cooking and by applying principles of cooking.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory

Community Health Nursing Laboratory is spaced in an area of 62.21 Sq.m (669.67Sq.ft). It comprises of articles required for home visiting and community field activities. The lab is also equipped with different audio visual aids for sensitizing communit and providing mass awareness on health and social issues of community.

OBG Laboratory

Child Health Nursing Laboratory

Computer Laboratory


Library has a wide variety of learning resources especially with latest edition text books and journals for the benefits of users.

The Library is built on 148.82 Sq.m (1601.88 Sq.ft) area on the fourth floor of college building. It is well equipped with latest edition text books and reference books, subscription of national and international journals, It also has e-books, e-journals, CD's and Video. The library is fully automated for all its activities.

The library provides following services to their users:

  1. Circulation service (Home Lending)
  2. Reference Services
  3. Wi-Fi facility on the campus
  4. Audio Visual Room
  5. Reading Room
  6. Current Periodical Section

Parent Hospital

MGM Medical College Hospital, Kamothe
MGM Hospital, Vashi
MGM Hospital, Kalamboli
MGM Hospital, Belapur

Affiliated Hospital

Tata Memorial Centre, Parel
National Burns Centre, Airoli
Regional Mental Health Hospital, Thane